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My name is Juan Cardelino and I am currently working in image processing. Here you will find some code and applications made by me and my research group. You can see more at my [home page]



  • iOS development: info about iOS development
  • CIT toolbox: is a toolbox for detection, representation and classification of ECG signals. It is written in matlab and licensed under GPL
  • [QNM toolbox]: image processing toolbox particularly useful for working with level lines and trees of shapes.
  • Tips n Tricks: Some simple solutions to simple problems that are suprisingly hard to find.
  • Image processing Code: Various image processing codes I've developed
  • Contributed code: some comments and add ons for many publicly available libraries by our image processing group.

Favourite tools

here goes a list of my favourite software tools, maybe you'd find them useful

  • Hpdv9000: installation of ubuntu intrepid on an HP dv9000 laptop



other places

Why invasor?

invasor could be:

  • the spanish word for 'invader'
  • a famous uruguayan/argentinian race horse:
    invasor racehorse
  • the zim invader from the zim galaxy:
    invasor zim
  • my cat
  • any of my past cats
  • maybe it is just the latin cousin of asdf